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Outpatient Groups (DBT and MBCT)

We believe that anyone can benefit from DBT skills, not only patients with severe mental health challenges or problems. This classic outpatient DBT programme is designed to run over 48 or 24 weeks for adults and 16 weeks for adolescents. Patients will be invited to attend a group once a week. During these weekly sessions, a DBT skill will be presented, followed by a practical exercise and coping skill. 

In addition to DBT, we will be presenting MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy).

We will be presenting DBT and MBCT outpatient groups to adults and adolescents as from June 2021. We have a variety of programs available that differ in length (from 8-48 weeks) and mode of presentation (online or face-to-face).

We have started to recruit patients for the DBT and MBCT Outpatient groups. Contact us to subscribe to our newsletter.

Click here to see what a typical 24-week outpatient DBT programme consists of.

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48 Week

Online DBT Skills Classes

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8 Week

Online MBCT Skills Classes

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24 Week

Adolescent DBT

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12 Week

Mood Disorder DBT

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12 Week

Trauma DBT

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