Feeling stressed, anxious, and depressed have become the norm in our society. We often feel tired, overwhelmed, and have constant aches and pains such as headaches. At times, these symptoms can escalate to a full-blown diagnosable episode of depression or an anxiety disorder that make it impossible to function at work and even lead to thoughts about suicide.

Life changed a lot in 2020 with the COVID pandemic, and we can only predict that life will become more stressful in the ever changing economic and political environment in South Africa.

In this unit we believe healing is possible, and hope is a reality. We know this because we have witnessed numerous patients finding hope and healing through the last seven years. The sense of community and support that patients and therapists can give to each other is a powerful component of healing. We are here to help!

Located in the Netcare Vaalpark Hospital, this 16-bed male and female psychiatric unit focuses on the treatment of acute psychological disorders, with the aim of bringing about long-term benefits. The hospital is situated in the neighbourhood of Vaalpark, close to Vanderbijlpark and Sasolburg and about 100km from Johannesburg, 50km from Parys and 20km from Vereeniging.

We, as a multidisciplinary team, are proud to announce that we have all been trained to offer DBT skills groups. We are also constantly upgrading our skills. DBT is not better than any other type of therapy, however the efficacy of DBT is well described in the literature. We are also proud of our association and close collaboration with the DBT Institute of South Africa.

We have offered mindful movements and meditation as part of our inpatient program, but we are expanding our repertoire to include some of the skills of a MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) program. 

We will be offering different DBT and MBI (Mindfulness Based Interventions) outpatient programs from July 2021.














Who can benefit from admission?
  • Patients with depression and/or anxiety disorders such as panic attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Patients who have suicidal thoughts or who have had a recent suicide attempt (e.g. to assist with suicide prevention).
  • Patients with symptoms of a personality disorder (including Borderline Personality Disorder) e.g. self-harm, mood swings, anger, impulsive behaviour.
  • Anyone in a crisis, who had recent trauma, and/or struggle to cope at home and at work.
  • Admission to this unit is voluntary, therefor patients remain in control of the duration of stay.
  • Anyone with past trauma, grief or loss that is currently impairing his/her daily functioning to a serious degree.
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